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Many business owners eventually exit by selling their business. Oftentimes, this sale occurs either when the executive is nearing retirement, when there's an unexpected life event or when someone offers a price that's too good to pass up.

There are hundreds of investment bankers & business brokers out there who help business owners sell their company when a business owner is nearing retirement and/or needs to sell quickly - but until now, there hasn't been a company solely focused on helping a business owner (who is not actively looking to sell) know when there may be a buyer out there who is willing to pay a great price for their business - or someone who is a perfect culture fit at the right price.

And if you do decide to sell, directly connecting with a buyer on ExitLink will potentially save you millions in fees. We put you in charge - because we're not an intermediary. We're connectors.

How you can find buyers for your business

Most business owners don't want everyone to know their company is for sale for the right price. ExitLink lets you confidently source potential buyers to test the market without hiring an investment banker and without alerting anyone that it's your company for sale.

Simply list your industry, geographic region and some basic details about your company and our algorithms will go to work matching you privately with potential buyers. You'll get to review the matching buyers' info before deciding to move forward under NDA. In today's market where business owners are getting more than they ever thought for their company, there's really no downside to creating a profile and seeing what happens.


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List your business for sale publicly or privately and pay nothing in commissions. Connect with a network of active business buyers safely in ExitLink.

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