Successful E Commerce And Fulfillment House


Very profitable distribution and fulfillment company that offers brands and startup products to retail and e-tail partners. Specializing in the distribution and fulfillment of consumer electronics, beauty products and others are stocked and shipped from the state-of-the-art fulfillment center in Los Angeles. Technologies such as API or EDI integrations enables the business to be directly connected to its customers e-commerce portals for fast d... sign in to read more

Net Margin 7.2%
Revenue $11,700,000.00 377% than Technology avg.
EBIDTA $842,243.00 9% than Technology avg.
Cash Flow Not provided
More Company Info
Location Los Angeles Co., CA
Reason for selling Retirement
Employee Count 21
Inventory $1,000,000.00
Year Founded 1999
Training Support One owner is open to stay on for one year or more.
Date Added Nov. 19, 2021
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