B2b Ecom In The Childrens Medical Kit Vertical


Website Closers presents a care-driven offering centered in the highly lucrative market of Medical Kits geared towards Children as well as Adults. Displaying a multi-branded & protected product line of First Aid Kits, Ice Packs, Antibacterial Wipes, and other PPE items, this brand has the expertise to become even more of a household name and a mainspring for industrial fortification with an endearing design aesthetic to boot. With 18 years of... sign in to read more

Net Margin 17.2%
Revenue $16,058,239.00 555% than Technology avg.
EBIDTA $2,762,438.00 258% than Technology avg.
Cash Flow $2,762,438.00 258% than Technology avg.
Asking Price $10,700,000.00 463% than Technology avg.
Multiple 3.9x
FF&E $0.00
More Company Info
Location South East (Relocatable)
Employee Count 2
Year Founded 2003
Date Added Oct. 08, 2021
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