High Profit Retail Garden Centers For Sale


This company is the predominate Garden Center in the area with multiple successful and well known locations. The company sells an extensive variety of plants, shrubs and trees, landscaping products and a large selection of garden accessories. Their retail sales make up approximately 75% of their sales. They also provide services such as landscape design consultation and delivery. The garden centers are known as a "destination" for some due to ... sign in to read more

Net Margin 17.23%
Revenue $5,200,000.00 48% than Retail avg.
EBIDTA Not provided
Cash Flow $895,700.00 79% than Retail avg.
Asking Price $4,495,000.00 0% than Retail avg.
More Company Info
Location South Carolina, US
Employee Count Full Time: 50
Inventory $450,000.00
Year Founded 35
Date Added Oct. 08, 2021
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