Highly Profitable & Established Trampoline Park Franchise 2 Nationally Franchised Quickly Growing Adventure Parks Offered


For those who are interested in a highly profitable and quickly growing national franchise, which caters to the fanciful whims of children and young families, and which enjoys a diverse base of repeat customers, this is it! Two incredible locations offered within the thriving economies of Houston and Nashville which enjoy common management expenses! These adventure parks offer all the excitement of trampolining, as well as adventures in climbi... sign in to read more

Net Margin 29.31%
Revenue $5,800,000.00 42% than Retail avg.
EBIDTA $1,700,000.00 32% than Retail avg.
Cash Flow Not provided
Asking Price $7,000,000.00 56% than Retail avg.
Multiple 4.1x
More Company Info
Location Houston, Texas, Harris Co.
Reason for selling Retirement
Year Founded 2016
Date Added Oct. 08, 2021
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