Pre Owned Luxury Goods Buyer Authenticator For Sale


LISTING ID # 34348 The hard-driving skilled & talented founder/owner of this unique Pre-Owned & Vintage Luxury Goods Buyer, Seller, and Authenticator is primed to continue growing his business exponentially. He is wise to recognize that he cannot do it without the funding and infrastructure capabilities of a synergistic partner, whether that be a well-heeled individual or entity. Based on his run-rate so far this year, he projects that the bus... sign in to read more

Net Margin 40.0%
Revenue $5,000,000.00 55% than Retail avg.
EBIDTA Not provided
Cash Flow $2,000,000.00 60% than Retail avg.
Asking Price $20,000,000.00 393% than Retail avg.
More Company Info
Location Nassau County, New York, US
Reason for selling Attract Growth Partner
Employee Count 3FT
Inventory $3,000,000.00
Year Founded 2013
Training Support Seller will train
Date Added Sep. 10, 2021
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