37773a Dual Location Tire, Auto/Body/Repair Powerhouse! For Sale


From Northern Florida, this retail operation specializes in Tire Sales (60%) for over five quality brand names, as well as Mechanical Repair, Maintenance (35%) and Auto Body (5%) for cars, RVs/SUVs, and light, medium or heavy-duty trucks. With a strong reputation bringing in a third generation, this multi-licensed company services Local Communities (70%), Businesses (20%), and Government Entities (10%), offering a wide range of automotive care... sign in to read more

Net Margin 13.08%
Revenue $4,918,591.00 27% than Automotive avg.
EBIDTA Not provided
Cash Flow $643,385.00 78% than Automotive avg.
Asking Price $5,100,000.00 19% than Automotive avg.
More Company Info
Location Northern FL, Florida, US
Reason for selling Approaching retirement and/or pursuing other interests.
Employee Count 31 nonunion total.
Inventory $42,900,000.00
Year Founded 1982
Training Support Pre-Negotiated Owner Transition period under management roles.
Date Added Sep. 10, 2021
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