White Cloud Branded Gas Station For Sale


$3,250,000 Plus Inventory for Michigan, White Cloud Area Gas Station Business and Property. $150,000 average merchandise sales which includes profitable liquor and novelties. 135,000-140,000 average gallon gas sales per month which includes profitable diesel sales. Large 6000 SF C Store on 5 Acres land. Sales includes two houses which one is attached to gas station and another SFH rented which can be used as Commercial. 1600 feet street fronta... sign in to read more

Net Margin 14.64%
Revenue $5,600,000.00 18% than Automotive avg.
EBIDTA Not provided
Cash Flow $820,000.00 75% than Automotive avg.
Asking Price $3,250,000.00 24% than Automotive avg.
More Company Info
Location White Cloud, Michigan, US
Reason for selling Downsizing
Employee Count 2FT 2PT 1M
Inventory $25,000,000.00
Year Founded 2015
Training Support 2 weeks at no cost to buyer
Date Added Jul. 17, 2021
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