Flex Tunnel Car Wash W/ Detail Center


OVERVIEW High-performing express exterior conveyorized tunnel car wash with additional detail services offered. SITE Prime A location with surrounding captive market. Nearly one acre of main street real estate owned and included in sale. SETUP 125ft conveyorized tunnel, separate and well equipped detailing center, interior waiting room and store for retail sales. Ample stacking room, auto-cashiers/paystations, self-use vacuums, and plenty of e... sign in to read more

Net Margin 61.03%
Revenue $1,450,000.00 79% than Automotive avg.
EBIDTA $885,000.00 38% than Automotive avg.
Cash Flow $885,000.00 38% than Automotive avg.
Asking Price $5,975,000.00 40% than Automotive avg.
Multiple 6.8x
FF&E $1,500,000.00
More Company Info
Location PA
Employee Count 10
Inventory $10,000.00
Year Founded 2008
Date Added Jun. 29, 2021
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