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A highly profitable Executive Coaching & Leadership Training company for acquisition. The Company, which is owned and lead by a husband-and-wife team, was founded with the goal of determining the underlying principles that informed the leadership in great places to work, in order to help others, emulate their success. The Company is devoted to helping leaders awaken great leadership in themselves and their organizations through Executive Coach... sign in to read more

Net Margin 57.25%
Revenue $1,773,000.00 6% than Education avg.
EBIDTA $1,015,000.00 5% than Education avg.
Cash Flow Not provided
Asking Price $4,000,000.00 16% than Education avg.
Multiple 3.9x
More Company Info
Location Marin Co., CA
Reason for selling Owner is retiring & looking for new owners to achieve full market potential.
Employee Count 8
Year Founded 2009
Date Added Feb. 25, 2021
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