Connecting Buyers & Sellers, Privately & Confidentially

Deal Match connects you with exclusively sourced private businesses for sale that match your specific criteria.

Including Search funds, Private Equity, Family Offices
  • Access exclusive deal flow
  • No commissions or broker fees taken
  • Only see businesses that match your criteria
  • Connect confidentially
Including Business Owners, Brokers, Bankers
  • Free guidance throughout the transaction
  • No broker fees, completely free
  • Get privately matched with motivated buyers
  • Connect confidentially

Introduce yourself and setup your criteria

Tell us what types of businesses you're interested in and we'll privately and confidentially connect you with sellers who are listing their deals. We don't take commissions because this service is included in your subscription saving you both time and money.

Show Sellers You’re Available

Hundreds of high quality deals are never shared publicly – intermediaries or business owners instead reach out directly to buyers they trust. By creating and sharing your buyer profile, you’re setting yourself up to generate high quality inbound leads.

ExitLink suggests deals

ExitLink’s algorithms recommend possible private and public deals based on your investment criteria. We can help you find the perfect business you never would have found elsewhere.

Connect with matching deals

We can manage the entire process for you on ExitLink. You can review deal teasers, submit your NDA to review a CIM and get connected either with the deal intermediary or with the seller directly.

List with ExitLink

Confidentially tell us about your company and what types of buyers you're interested in working with, and any other criteria to help us find the perfect fit for you and your company.

ExitLink finds the ideal buyers

ExitLink’s algorithms recommend possible buyers deals based on a mutual match between your respective criterium.

Evaluate potential matches

Review matches sent to you from ExitLink. Send potential matches high level info about your company as a teaser without sharing your company name, and/or require them sign an NDA to learn specifically about you and your company. It's all within your control.

Connect when you're ready

When you've identified potential buyers, safely and confidentially connect. ExitLink can help coordinate the transaction and offer any help you need at no cost to you.